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Serious Injury Claims


"My husband was a successful contractor and we were doing well, when he was out for a ride on his motorcycle in Calgary and suffered a permanent ..." read more

"Years ago, a motor vehicle accident left me with long term neck and back pain. Although I was able to return to running..." read more

"I have operated my vacuum repair-business in Calgary for more than 30 years. Because I personally do most of the..." read more

"I suffered multiple fractures and had to wear a shell like a turtle around my chest for many months, as a result..." read more

"My life changed forever, because of my injury in a highway collision, at an intersection in the country where a stop sign had been pulled..." read more

"I was retired and helping my single daughter with home care and schooling for my grandson when I was injured in a car accident." read more

"My career, and my ability to get around easily and painlessly, came to an end when a car traveling in the opposite direction." read more

"Years ago, my back and neck were injured in an automobile accident. Although I did not miss much work..." read more

Fatal Accident Claims

"My wife lingered and died as a result of what I eventually learned was negligent medical care, leaving me with two young..." read more

"My wife was killed in a car accident in Calgary, leaving behind two children from her first marriage. One was..." read more

"In January of 2009, my family suffered a tragedy. My son was killed and my husband and I were injured by a drunk driver..." read more

Estate Planning and Administration

"My wife and I put a great deal of time and effort into our education and into starting and growing our own successful business..." read more

"I studied hard for years to get my education and qualification as a
veterinarian and I worked very hard at starting ...
" read more

"When our son died suddenly, we were devastated. We were so emotionally drained; ." read more



"My wife and I had for many years an unhappy marriage. After our son became an adult and was self sufficient, we agreed that ..." read more

"My husband (now deceased) and I were both professional people and we had two children when our relationship deteriorated ..." read more

"My wife and I consulted Harris Hanson to mediate for us, when it was clear that our marriage was coming to an end." read more





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